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AGILE LEADERSHIP - Kill the boss raise the leader

Watch till the end see what her boss does:

This a very powerful scene from the movie Hidden Figures. It shows foremost, a dark aspect of American history and then.... LEADERSHIP, Agile Leadership to be precise.

In my view, Agile Leaders must do those things that make their workers or project teams HAPPY AT WORK. Give them the RIGHT environment, the support and trust they need to get the job done, empower them to decide HOW their work is done, encourage them to learn from failure in order to facilitate innovative mindset, encourage high performance by rewarding the teams rather than just individual team members... etc etc.

Agile leaders, above all, must be COURAGEOUS. Courageous enough to disrupt long held regressive views or habits and promote Agile values. Courageous enough to lead the Agile evolution of their organisations and successfully leaving behind a culture of Continuous improvement.

These are the activities that ensure true sustainability of short run iterative High value increments and long run Return on investment in modern organisations 🙏🏿

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