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Collaboration as a religion in AFRICA

Updated: Jan 6, 2021

My new year resolution is to focus my efforts and that of the various teams I work with, towards evangelising the COLLABORATION mindset as a Religion in AFRICA.

As an Agile and Lean Strategist, I know from experience, that, Agility is manifested most by the aggregate collaboration occurring discreetly or systematically in an organisation. The best way to enable this mindset, is to embed it into every interactive process, event or transaction in the organisation. Organisations can support the evangelism as such, by sanctioning collaboration via MANTRA mechanics just as religious organizations do for their members so that their mindset are shaped very quickly and permanently with the principles that promote, support and drive collaboration in their lives.

At the highest level, the issue of a collaborative effort towards African development as a whole, has over the years shown itself to be the the primary challenge to African development and unity. Little wonder why this challenge has manifested in the current culture of African governments and private organisations and in the behaviour of their teams and individual members. See The A.P.I.A.M. R.A.T.S. model

So this year, I hope to double my efforts towards this goal as part of the ongoing multiple efforts in kick starting the enablement of AGILITY in Africa. To achieve real impact, we shall commit to, as usual, training leaders, individual teams, teams of teams, business partners across supply chains or government parastatals and then moving on to scaling our successes nationwide. Our methodologies will be transparent, our progress will be tracked and made public as a matter of course. We welcome valuable suggestions (from all, especially the Agile community) on moving forward and dealing with emergent challenges as they arise.

I personally welcome any support towards this endeavour from other interested Agilist, groups, organisations and African leaders that desire rapid national development, enabling innovative culture and the Agile mindset all round.

Happy "Collaborative" New Year.

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